hi there. i like to write music and wander around at night. this is my wood between the worlds and the doorway to all my endeavors. have a look around =]
Anonymous asked: Ever planned on doing a Sia cover ? =]

Yes ;] 

Anonymous asked: This is important. Someone on Instagram is pretending to be me and I know this happened to u once too. How did u get them to delete the account?

Report them and get others to report them as well AND it helps to message the people working for Instagram =] It sucks, don’t it? =[[ 

Anonymous asked: do you like Ed sheeran?

he’s ver talented 

Anonymous asked: Any advice on songwriting? What do you think of that helps you write songs? What's your inspiration for some of them? Do you get the melody or lyrics first? I need help wah D:

I write songs in kind of a weird way. Usually, a phrase or something little like that pops into my head and I structure the song around that specific lyric. More often than not I am writing the melody and lyrics at the same time. It helps the floww ;] ahaaa what. 

Anonymous asked: How do you make your long distance relationship work? There's this girl that I'm crazy about but she lives in Ohio and I now live in Georgia and I want to start a relationship with her but I'm not really sure how to go about it. Any advice?

Talk everyday. Remind each other it’s worth all the trouble. And, I promise you, when you do get to see them on those rare occasions it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world and your relationship will be stronger than ever. 

Anonymous asked: What would you have classified yourself as in school. Would you have called yourself: the cheerleader, the nerd, the popular girl, ect.

the bored one

Anonymous asked: Do you get sun burnt easily?

Oddly enough, not really..

Anonymous asked: how do you get the notes to the songs you play on piano?

I just kind of hear it and figure it out…I’m not very techincal =/