hi there. i like to write music and wander around at night. this is my wood between the worlds and the doorway to all my endeavors. have a look around =]

Helllllooooo so I have a new song coming out. It’s called “Hide and Seek” and will be released on May 6th. Look for it ;]

Anonymous asked: Do you still talk to Juhi?


Anonymous asked: I'm probably late on this, but happy birthday.

Well thank you! [=

Anonymous asked: I love your cover of the scientist. I have played it 1675 times on my iPod <3 THank you for putting a video on YouTube! I think I'm a little addicted to your voice... love you so much!

Awe I’m so glad [[[= 

Anonymous asked: Great job getting 2nd in the Seacrest competition for the say something cover :)

Woooo! Thank you! =]

Anonymous asked: Hello, you know how in the background of some youtubers videos they put music and stuff, I was just wondering if I could use one of your songs in the background of one of mine(I'd credit you of course)...

sure =]

Anonymous asked: Oh my god so when I saw my YouTube Subscriptions Feed and I saw you did The Scientist I nearly started crying because brings back The Voice memories and your caption of "surprise" haha I had a bit of a fangirling nostalgic session there ;')

Awe, really?? That makes me happy =]

Anonymous asked: Did you upload new versions of Creep and Youth featuring Josh Dobson, or are they simply relabeled on your SoundCloud? Either way, how cool to know Josh is featured on those lovely covers!

Wait what now? 

Anonymous asked: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY!! sending birthday wish to you from MALAYSIA :D

Ahh! Thank you, friend from Malaysia!