hi there. i like to write music and wander around at night. this is my wood between the worlds and the doorway to all my endeavors. have a look around =]
Anonymous asked: if you could describe yourself in one picture what picture would it be

probably a picture of myself, aye? ;) haaa ha haaa

Anonymous asked: Does that mean you and Juhi divorced????🙀


Anonymous asked: How often do you bleach your hair? And is it just bleach that you apply or do you use dye as well, since I've noticed that your hair seems a little bit "blonder" in some of your videos, then almost whitish again?

I bleach it every couple months, I guess. My webcam is probably the most accurate depiction of my hair color..my other camera tends to make things a bit more saturated =] 

Anonymous asked: When was the last time you saw Juhi? I miss your pics together )':

not since the show meehhhhh :’( 

Anonymous asked: Idk how it took me so long to figure it out, but as I watched your new video, I realized that if I had to pick one voice to listen to for the rest of my life it'd definitely be your amazingly beautiful voice.

Aweeeee stop stop that’s so nice <3 

Anonymous asked: Since the last few questions have been about The Voice, why do you look different on The Voice than on your videos and posts? Angles? And I don't mean different in a negative way at all, I'm just curious.

Bleached hair, unintentional weight loss, it’s been over a year since I was on. And here’s a secret…no one looks like they do on tv. The lighting is different, you’re wearing makeup you usually don’t, blah blah truth be told mostly everyone looks very different on tv then they actually do in real life, 

Anonymous asked: You know, what you said about the Voice really opened my eyes. They've manipulated the "game" so much more. They obviously messed with the results on this last season bc you know that Christina Grimmie wouldn't have been near the bottom. No offence to Josh, but Christina and Jake were both "better" (for lack of better words) and they were favourites. I think this is the borderline. If they keep ruining it, then I'm done

We do have to remember, though…it is reality TV. They kind of have to keep people interested. But, I heard about that whole season 6 thing..a lot of people were upset apparently =P 

Anonymous asked: I'm personally glad you didn't win The Voice. This way you were able to put out an album that was uniquely you and with songs that were written by you. I am glad you went on the show though because it introduced you to the whole country and your music and your voice deserve to be heard.

Same, brah =] 

Anonymous asked: How was your highschool experience in life? Were you bullied? Or a bully?

Neither. I really don’t remember much of it. When I hear “high school” I picture myself in a desk staring at the clock so I guess I was mainly just bored.