hi there. i like to write music and wander around at night. this is my wood between the worlds and the doorway to all my endeavors. have a look around =]
Anonymous asked: Hello! Today is my best friend's birthday and he absolutely loves you. I know he would just die of happiness if you could say Happy birthday to him. His name is Jake. Please and thank you <3 P.s I love you and music. You're amazing!

Have a wonderful birthday, Jake. I hope this year will be spectacular for you. xoxoxoxo <3

Anonymous asked: You've never seen Grease? I'm glad I fell in love with your voice and music before I knew this fact. It would have been a deal breaker ;-) looking forward to hearing more music from you.

Musicals anger me. Also thank you aha.

Anonymous asked: What was your first job? And like how old were you when you got it?

15 playing music at a sandwich shop =]

Anonymous asked: Do you still use your website? I feel like it never really got the props that it deserves bc it's like your own website and it's pretty amazing

Isn’t it?? My dad made it, it’s amazing!!! I do check it =] 

Anonymous asked: For Halloween this year, you and Josh should dress up as the main characters from Grease and then randomly break out in songs...you can use this idea, I won't be mad :)

That sounds like a wonderful idea but I sadly have never seen Grease so I don’t think I’m worthy of this marvelous plan =[ 

Anonymous asked: Your such a sweetheart, and I've always wanted a way to contact you, but I don't have twitter and I don't use youtube much, so this is fantastic omg

Awe yay! Thank you so much. =] I’m glad I get to talk to you!

Anonymous asked: i love you so much and your music


Anonymous asked: I'm in me mum's ca Broom broom

ahahaha yesss

Anonymous asked: Do you have any opinion about Fifty Shades of Grey? Like how it romanticises sexual abuse and not regarding your partners considerations?

I’ve never read it so my opinion is probably not even valid. But, my understanding is that it’s an erotic novel with elements of BDSM and such…so I mean like…wouldn’t you go into that book/movie expecting that type of thing? Also, any erotic or “romance” novel is going to have elements that offend people whether it be sexism, objectification, etc. From what I’ve heard, the book is not about an abusive relationship and the lady involved is very much enjoying herself but AGAIN I have never read it so idk. 

Anonymous asked: I just think you're stunning and I wish the very best for you. I can feel your heart when you sing and that's really breathtaking for me. You also remind of winter time and winter always makes me feel so light and inspired. I support you all the way. xx - aspiring musician & writer

What a lovely compliment =]]