hi there. i like to write music and wander around at night. this is my wood between the worlds and the doorway to all my endeavors. have a look around =]
Anonymous asked: Aw! Feel better Holly❤️

Thank you :’) 

Anonymous asked: Hey, I'm from Italy. I've been following you for more than a year now, really love all of your songs. You're beautiful and amazingly talented, you deserve more and more fans.. Wait to you see you in a world tour ;)

:’) Thank you, dear! That’s so sweet. 

Anonymous asked: Are you ever going to make a music video for your songs?

I would LOVE that. 

Anonymous asked: what's it like to be 20??

I feel 15 tbh =/

Anonymous asked: Feel better. :'(

Thank you!!! <3 

Anonymous asked: Get well soonnnnn :)

Awe thank you! =]

Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on working with other artists?

depends on the artist =] example? 

Anonymous asked: after bleaching your hair did you have hair loss? like from the moment where the hair is bleached they were just falling off?

lolll noooo?? 

Anonymous asked: Upload a cover please

trying =/ I’ve been really sick I’m sorry

Anonymous asked: you should cover ride by lana del rey with backing vocals like you did on the royals cover of yours because your voice is literally like an angel's voice and i'd like to listen ride from your amazing voice!

That would be cool =]